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Availle's first commercial audio book is now available! Of course, it has something to with Japan... If you're already a fan of Availle's - please do consider supporting her by buying it.

In the Service of Samurai

Gloria Oliver

In the Service of Samurai cover image and link to audible.com Toshi, a mapmaker's apprentice, has just forcibly been taken from his life to serve a samurai lord, strong, proud - and dead. His new ghostly master is on a quest that requires all of Toshi's skills - and more - to complete, and that's the easy part. The hard one starts when they realize that forces stronger than them will do anything to make them fail...

Gloria Oliver uses the enchanting setting of feudal Japan to tell a story of trust, loyalty and growth.

A captivating story until the very end. I could almost feel the ghosts surrounding me...

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