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Hire Availle!

Do you like Availle's voice and reading style? Do you have a project in need of a voice? You can hire Availle's for it!

Availle's strength lies in recording longer pieces of narrative, especially non-fiction, which she reads in a lively and engaging manner. Although Availle also records fiction, she is not very good at voice acting; so if you need clearly differentiated characters as in a children's story for example, she may not be your best choice. However, whether fiction or nonfiction, her work has received praise from numerous listeners. Here's what they say:

...the reader deserves accolades, her inflection, pronunciation and pace kept me very engaged...

Your accent, a little Isabella Rossellini mixed with Audrey Tautou, a delight.

Ein Hochgenuss, ein Ohrenschmaus!

Großartig gelesen von Availle!

Listen to some samples of Availle's previous work, fiction and non-fiction, in both English and German:

Examination for the Post of Guardian Angel, English fiction, 1:30

The Value of Arctic Exploration, English nonfiction, 1:04

Der arme Spielmann, German fiction, 1:05

196 Tage auf treibender Eisscholle, German nonfiction, 00:53

You can download Availle's rate sheet from here (pdf file, 1 page). If you need a quote for a special project that is not listed, or for very long books, or if you are an individual rather than a company or publishing house, please contact Availle with the details of your project. In any case, please include a rough estimate of the length of your project (i.e., a word count), and, if possible, a short text excerpt or synopsis.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!