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Welcome to Availle Audio!

this is availle Availle rediscovered her love for audio books - long buried since childhood - around 2010. Since then she has read numerous books out loud, but is sometimes still surprised to find herself on the other side of the loudspeakers.

A voracious reader ever since she was able to puzzle letters into meaningful words, Availle nowadays most enjoys lending her voice to non-fiction, especially to old science books. On top of that, she has an almost insatiable appetite for anything Asian, in particular Japanese.

Availle hails from Austria, but since 2002 she has lived in five different countries, where she was forced to speak English. These days, she lives in Japan and tries to navigate the intricacies of the Japanese language and culture. Availle's English cadence has been described as "haunting, with an unplaceable accent", and her German "Burgtheatherdeutsch" simply as "ear candy".

Feel free to browse these pages and download a book or two. Availle loves to hear from her listeners - you can send her a message through the contact page.

I'd like to thank the people at seisenmedia.com for gently updating this website while keeping much of my original design. I love it!