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Availle's exclusives

Recently, Availle has found a new pastime: reading contemporary short stories online. The ones she really loved reading are now available as audio version, and often exclusively available on this website. Enjoy!

These are special projects where both text and audio recording are in copyright! You may download the recordings for free, but it is forbidden to sell it, upload it to other (commercial) websites, or modify it in any way, among others. Thank you for respecting copyright and making sure the authors earn money for their labour!


The Wild Goose

by Mori Ogai - in the 2014 translation of Meredith McKinney

Wild Goose cover

Otama is a young woman whom poverty has forced to become Suezo's mistress in order to provide for her widowed father. When she finds out that Suezo is a married money lender however, she begins to resent him and quietly hopes for a hero to save her.

Enter Okada, a medical student at a nearby university who regularly passes by Otama's house. A lucky incident allows them to meet, but will Okada be able to free Otama for good?

Listen to first chapter (10:57 min)

Download the whole audiobook as .zip file (213 MB)

This free recording was made possible by the gracious permission of the publisher Finlay Lloyd and the translator Meredith McKinney. If you like this audiobook, please consider supporting them by buying some of their (other) books - see the links below. Thank you!

Finlay Lloyd is an Australian non profit publisher dedicated to encouraging imaginative and challenging writing, to subtly innovative design and to celebrating the pleasures of print on paper in an electronic age.

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Meredith McKinney is an award-winning translator of classical and modern Japanese literature, whose translations include Sei Shônagon’s classic The Pillow Book, as well as Kokoro and Kusamakura by Natsume Sôseki.

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A wonderful book of love, duty, and the little things that change everything. It was fun to read this great modern translation!

Essays (Nonfiction)

The Forbidden Garden

Iris Reinbacher

An essay about a Japanese garden in Kyoto that opened up for the author only for a short moment...

Text first published in "Encounters with Kyoto: Writers in Kyoto Anthology 3"

runtime: 07:49 text copyright: 2019 audio copyright: 2020

Short Stories (Fiction)

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