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Availle records books in both German and English. Given her science background, she prefers non-fiction, but she is also interested in Asian literature in general and books related to Japan in particular. Availle also reads a lot of short nonfiction on diverse topics, and an (incomplete) list is given on the nonfiction page. Use the buttons below to go to a list of Availle's solo recordings in English and German, respectively and to her short nonfiction page.

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A full list of all her recordings for LibriVox can be found on Availle's LibriVox page. Since 2009, Availle has been recording books for LibriVox.org, a nonprofit, loose organisation of volunteers from all over the world whose goal it is to record all books in the public domain. All books published by LibriVox.org are public domain in the United States and are free to download; they can be used and even modified without further permission.

I do love to hear what becomes of my work - so if you make a derivative, please drop me a line!

Occasionally, Availle also records for legamus.eu, a European sister project to LibriVox. legamus.eu hosts books that are public domain in the European Union, that is, where the author has been dead for 70 years or more.

Both LibriVox and legamus have a large number of free audiobooks available for download. Check them out below.

LibriVox.org legamus.eu