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Availle's commercial audiobooks

So far, Availle has read one commercially available audiobook, and of course it is related to Japan!

In the Service of Samurai

Gloria Oliver

In the Service of Samurai cover

Young Toshi, a mapmaker's apprentice, has just been abducted to serve a samurai lord, strong, proud - and dead. His new ghostly master is on a quest that requires all of Toshi's skills - and then some - to complete, and that's the easy part. Soon he and his new master discover that they are up against forces that are equally strong and equally dead who will stop at nothing at all to make Toshi fail...

Gloria Oliver uses the enchanting setting of feudal Japan to tell a story of loyalty, trust, and growth. Even though the book is for young adults, it is well researched and fun to read for adults as well.

Listen to first chapter (40:06 min)

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An expertly written, captivating story to the very end. Don't read this at night though lest the ghosts are coming for you...